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What is special-shaped forged?
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What is special-shaped forged?

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The special-shaped forged can improve its tissue structure and mechanical properties. Due to the deformation and recrystallization of the metal, the original coarse dendrites and columnar grains become fine grains, and the size of the equiaxed recrystallized structure is uniform, which makes the original segregation, loosening, porosity, slag compaction and welding of the ingot, and its structure is more compact, Improve the plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal.

  • What is special-shaped forged?

  • What is the workflow of the special-shaped forged?

  • What are the advantages of special-shaped forged?

Special-shaped Forging

What is special-shaped forged?

A forging is an object to which a metal is subjected to pressure, plastically deforming it into a desired shape or a suitable compressive force. The forging process builds a refined grain structure and improves the physical properties of the metal. Special-shaped forgings are forgings that are different from ordinary forgings. The shape of general special-shaped forgings has no special regulations, but is forged according to the requirements of machinery. The use of special-shaped forgings is also very extensive, because the parts in machinery are not completely regular. There are also some parts with special shapes.

Special-shaped forgings are generally forged by free forging. Because the shape is not a special specification, free forging can well reflect the advantages of forging. The application of light alloy special-shaped forgings is mainly the application of aluminum alloy forgings, the application of magnesium alloy forgings, the application of titanium alloy forgings and the application of isothermal forging technology.

What is the workflow of the special-shaped forged?

After the special-shaped forged has undergone solid solution treatment, a stabilization treatment is required, and no Cr23C6 is precipitated at the grain boundary even when the temperature is sensitized. Stabilized austenitic stainless steel greatly reduces the possibility of intergranular corrosion. The stabilization treatment is generally carried out after the solution treatment. The purpose is to make the carbon in the supersaturated austenite solid solution form stable carbides with titanium or niobium, so as to avoid the combination of carbon and chromium resulting in depletion of chromium at the grain boundary and prevent intergranular corrosion. , improve corrosion resistance.

What are the advantages of special-shaped forged?

Since the special-shaped forged itself is not easy to corrode and damage, it is easy to maintain. The maintenance after use is very convenient, which not only reduces the maintenance difficulty, but also saves the maintenance cost. The overall corrosion resistance is strong. After the passivation galvanized double anti-rust treatment, the corrosion resistance is greatly improved, and the service life is long, far exceeding the service life of cast iron fasteners. It has strong anti-separation ability and adopts new connection. The new nut ensures that the fastener can be held vertically and firmly when the steel pipe is deformed, eliminating the possibility of the steel pipe sliding.

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