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Who We Are?

Beizhong Group is the one-stop of large-scale comprehensive of Independent brand supporting and processor, covering tool steel: developed many new steel grade, production, sales (wholesale, retail), milling processing, vacuum heat treatment, physical and chemical testing, mould base processing and mechanical processing etc. Main mould steel grade: BZ518、BZ638、BZ738H、BZ838、BZS136、BZ2083ESR、BZ2316ESR、BZ880、BZ890、BZ451ESR. And successful develop based on rare-earth element, developed high purity, high toughness, high temperature resistant of mirror steel BRE383, BZS136SUP and die casting with rare-earth element of mould steel BRE407, BRE418, BRE900 etc. Provide to customers with high-quality steel products.

The products mainly supporting service to the major domestic mould base factory, die-casting factory, mould factory and Sino-foreign joint ventures, Direct foreign trade in Europe, America, Southeast Asia etc. And we also can produce 2 tons-100 tons of steel castings and copper castings. mainly supporting service to the wind power generation, shipbuilding, roll equipment factory, aluminum extrusion machine factory, injection molding machineery, automobile factory. Qualified qualification certification can be provided. It enjoys a good reputation and a high reputation in the market, and has a considerable many stable and cooperative customers.

Why Choose Us?
Beizhong Group adheres to the tenet of "Unity, Progress, Innovation, Professionalism, and Honesty", along the journey in this industry, we have been developing for two decades by adhering to our operating philosophy, that is to listen prudentially to customers need, being determine in innovation, building mutual trust and fortifying a win win relationship between BZ and customers. In this regard, BZ gratefully attributes the prominent business growth and scale expansion to a meritorious team that devotes time and effort. The sales network covers Guangdong Province, radiating Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Dalian and other places. Direct foreign trade in Europe, America, Southeast Asia ect. Main customers : Midea, Gree, Siemens, Huawei, Toyota, Yizumi....
We has a group of experienced professionals who can provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality services. No matter where you are in the world, we can provide industry-leading inspection, appraisal, testing and certification services, like the SGS, TUV. EN10204-3.1.. At the same time, the company relies on the comprehensive advantages of advanced modern enterprise management mechanism, outstanding innovation ability, continuous cost competitiveness and high-quality workforce, etc., to extend the geographical scope of the business, integrate the processing and sales channels of steel products, and integrate the processing, sales and distribution. The development of large-scale integrated enterprises.
We has a group of experienced professionals who can provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality services. 
We can cutting, machining finished plate, mould base, vacuum heat treatment and package according to customer requirements. Fast delivery. We also can new produce as customers' order and requirements.
We are the high-tech enterprises, have obtained 18 items of utility and new product patents, passed to the ISO9001 quality system verification
We provide technical support for all our customers!
One-stop solution to meet your business demand, just provide a sample and we 
can equip the whole production line.
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Depend to the rigorous quality management, high standard production requirements and professional technical team supervision, We produce high-quality tooling materials、mould base、mechanical parts processing and professional heat treatment.
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