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  • What is special-shaped forged?
    What is special-shaped forged?
    The special-shaped forged can improve its tissue structure and mechanical properties. Due to the deformation and recrystallization of the metal, the original coarse dendrites and columnar grains become fine grains, and the size of the equiaxed recrystallized structure is uniform.
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  • What is the workflow for Aluminum extrusion?
    What is the workflow for Aluminum extrusion?
    Aluminum extrusion is made at room temperature, according to the principle of plastic deformation, using the mold installed on the press to apply pressure to the aluminum blank placed in the die through the punch, so that the blank is plastically deformed at a certain speed.
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  • What is die casting?
    What is die casting?
    The die casting process mainly consists of four steps or high pressure casting. These four steps, including mold preparation, filling, injection and unpacking, are also the basis for various modified die casting processes. What is die casting?What are the characteristics of die casting?
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  • What are the advantages of mold steel?
    What are the advantages of mold steel?
    Molded steel is a grade of steel used to make molds such as cold stamping tools, hot forging tools and die casting tools. Molds are the main processing tools for the production of parts in industrial sectors such as mechanical engineering, radio instruments, motors and electrical appliances.
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