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  • Q What are Beizhong group's competitiveness and advantages?

    A 1) Product stability is controllable, we are the primary resource of our own steel mills.
    2) Perfect and flexible service system.
    3) Rich inventory strength, at least 8,000 tons per year, strong machining capacity.
    4) Professional in quality control, with professional capabilities in flaw detection, spectroscopy, metallography, physical and chemical analysis, etc. 
  • Q What is the difference between Beizhong group's steel materials and the big steel mills Baosteel, Fushun, etc?

    A Three of them are the big companies, and we are also big companies. The steel-making technical capabilities of the three companies are basically the same, and the quality is good, but we prefer to be stable and refined, and do not seek quantification, so it is relatively stable in some areas, and customers were very satisfied our technical reference and after-sales service we provide. 
  • Q What is your company's most advantageous steel product?

    A Our star steel products are die casting mould steel series such as BRE900, BRE418, BRE407, BZ2343, high polished stainless steel series such as BZS136SUP, BRE383, BZ2316ESR, BZ890. We have added an appropriate amount of rare earth elements to our high-end steel products to optimize the performance of the steel. 
  • Q What is the output value of Beizhong group.

    A An average of 240 million per year, our business goals was steady development, win in stability. 
  • Q Which countries are your steel products mainly exported to?

    A Our main export markets are Europe, America, Southeast Asia 
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