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What is die casting?
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What is die casting?

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The die casting process mainly consists of four steps or high pressure casting. These four steps, including mold preparation, filling, injection and unpacking, are also the basis for various modified die casting processes.

  • What is die casting?

  • What are the characteristics of die casting?

  • What is a die-cast product?

die casting

What is die casting?

die casting is metal die casting on a die casting machine and is currently the most productive casting process.

die casting machines are divided into two categories: hot chamber die casting machines and cold chamber die casting machines. The hot chamber die casting machine has a high degree of automation, less material loss and higher production efficiency than the cold chamber die casting machine. However, due to the limitation of the heat resistance of the parts, it can only be used for the production of low melting point materials such as zinc alloys and magnesium alloys. Due to their high melting point, aluminium alloy die casting parts, which are widely used today, can only be produced on cold chamber die casting machines.

What are the characteristics of die casting?

The main feature of die casting is that the molten metal fills the cavity under high pressure and high speed, and is formed and solidified under high pressure. The air in the cavity is wound into the casting to form subcutaneous pores, so aluminum alloy die casting parts should not be heat treated, and zinc alloy die casting parts should not be sprayed on the surface (but can be painted). 

Otherwise, the pores inside the casting will expand due to thermal expansion and cause the casting to deform or form bubbles when the above treatment is performed. In addition, the machining addition of die casting parts should also be smaller, generally about 0.5mm, which can not only reduce the weight of the castings and the cutting effort to reduce the cost, but also avoid penetration into the dense surface layer and exposing subcutaneous pores, causing the workpiece to be scrapped.

What is a die-cast product?

The die casting process is realized by a die casting machine. The heating conditions of the press chamber of the die casting machine can be divided into two categories: hot press chamber and cold press chamber. Depending on the position of the press chamber and the shape, the cold chamber die casting machine can be divided into three types: vertical, horizontal and completely vertical. The alloys used in die casting are mainly non-ferrous alloys, and ferrous metals (steel, iron, etc.) are rarely used due to problems such as molding materials. Aluminum alloys are often used for die casting parts made of non-ferrous alloys, followed by zinc alloys. Note: ① The casting temperature is generally measured by the temperature of the molten metal in the holding furnace. ②The casting temperature of zinc alloy should not exceed 450℃ to avoid coarse grains.

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