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What is the definition of mold base?
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What is the definition of mold base?

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For example, on the die casting machine, the parts of the mold are combined and fixed according to certain rules and positions, and the part that allows the installation of the mold on the die casting machine is called the mold base. It consists of die and seat plate.

  • What is the definition of mold base?

  • What are the advantages of a mold base?

  • What are the prerequisites for the use of mold bases?

What is the definition of mold base?

After years of development, the mold base manufacturing industry is quite mature. In addition to purchasing customer-specific mold assemblies according to individual mold requirements, mold manufacturers can also choose standardized mold assembly products. Standard mold setups are available in a variety of designs with shorter lead times and even ready to use, giving mold makers more flexibility. Therefore, the popularity of standard mold assemblies is increasing.

In short, the mold base has a performing device, a positioning device and an ejection device. The general configuration is plate, A plate (front stencil), B plate (rear stencil), C plate (square iron), bottom plate, sleeve plate, sleeve bottom plate and spare parts such as guide post and return needle.

What are the advantages of a mold base?

1. The mold base has good mechanical properties and is not easy to deform

2. The formwork can achieve the effect of exposed concrete

3. The construction efficiency of the formwork is high, the release agent does not need to be brushed, and the installation and disassembly are convenient

4. The mold base can be recycled and reused, which is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly

What are the prerequisites for the use of mold bases?

1. High precision

Because after the mold base is customized, the mold manufacturer must use it to make the mold for the product, and the mold is usually used for serial product processing, so it must have enough precision to ensure that each product is manufactured. The quality is the same. Therefore, the first requirement of the custom mold base is high precision, and the production must be carried out in strict accordance with the required size specifications.

2, the strength should be high

When the mold base is processed into a mold and used in the processing and production of the product, it is exposed to the action of the workpiece, clamping force and cutting force during use. If the strength and stiffness are not enough, it will not be able to withstand these external stresses, which will result in the processing of the product not going smoothly. Therefore, only the strength and stiffness of the mold base can reach a certain height to ensure that the mold thus produced can withstand these forces.

3. High wear resistance

If the mold is used repeatedly, this causes some wear due to loading and unloading of the workpiece, which reduces the accuracy of the mold. To delay the development of this process, the mold base should have extremely high wear resistance to ensure that the manufactured mold will wear less during use and have a longer service life.

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