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Vacuum Heat Treatment Workshop
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Vacuum Heat Treatment Workshop
Beizhong group was not only a supplier of mould steel, but also a one-stop service provider of mould base machining, water line machining and vacuum heat treatment. The good quality of vacuum heat treatment technology was more helpful to give full play to and reflect the stable comprehensive performance of steel.
In order to achieve high-quality heat treatment services, Beizhong Group is equipped with a number of high-end Sino-European joint venture vacuum high-pressure gas quenching furnaces, tempering furnaces, large low-temperature furnaces, vacuum nitriding furnaces and other high-end heat treatment equipment. The precise heat treatment process can ensure that the hardness and microstructure requirements are met. Through professional heat treatment technology, die steel can enhance wear resistance, crack resistance, hot crack resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, and achieve higher requirements for toughness and polishability, etc.
We have passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification; and obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification. We adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, quality first, everyone's responsibility, cooperation and win-win", and have won unanimous recognition from customers. Beizhong Group is definitely your partner of choice.
Beizhong group has provided the full range of vacuum heat treatment solutions and services
  Vacuum hardening
  Ultra cryogenic treatment
  Tempering of protective atmosphere
  Vacuum nitriding treatment
We provide technical support for all our customers!
One-stop solution to meet your business demand, just provide a sample and we 
can equip the whole production line.
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Depend to the rigorous quality management, high standard production requirements and professional technical team supervision, We produce high-quality tooling materials、mould base、mechanical parts processing and professional heat treatment.
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