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What is the importance of using mold base?
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What is the importance of using mold base?

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he mold base is a semi-finished product of the mold, which is composed of various steel plates with matching parts, which can be said to be the skeleton of the entire mold. Since the mold base and the processing involved in the mold are very different, the mold manufacturer will choose to order the mold base from the mold base manufacturer, taking advantage of the production advantages of both parties to improve the overall production quality and efficiency.

  • What is the importance of using mold base?

  • What are the basic components of mold base?

  • What are the types of mold bases?

What is the importance of using mold base?

The mold base is the appearance of the plastic injection mold, and a good mold base has a direct impact on customers. Moreover, the precision of the mold base also affects the precision and quality of the mold. Generally, the process conditions that customers must basically guarantee for the production of the mold base are as follows: the flatness of the plate and the side surface

The verticality, the tightness of the guide post and guide sleeve and the formwork, the verticality around the formwork, the parallelism of the plates, the ease of opening and closing between the relatively moving plates, and the appearance of the whole set of formwork, such as the surface Roughness, chamfering, etc.

In the daily processing of plastic injection molds, especially for urgent delivery projects, our engineers will recommend the use of standard mold bases, which can not only save processing time, but also improve the performance and quality of plastic injection molds, and improve product production speed.

What are the basic components of mold base?

1. Board part: upper and lower fixed plates, male and female templates, upper and lower ejector plates, mold feet (two). Sometimes, there is also a support plate on the side of the male and female molds.

2. Fixing screw part: S1--lock the upper fixing plate and the master template, (please see the corresponding top view), generally 4-6 pieces.

3. Auxiliary parts: guide post and guide sleeve - a total of 4 sets.

4. Auxiliary setting part: lifting ring hole - because the mold is generally heavy, in order to facilitate the installation and handling of the mold, a crane will be used at the processing site.

What are the types of mold bases?

The standard mold base can also be called a standard mold base or a standard mold blank, which is produced by a professional company. Generally can be classified as two-plate mold, referred to as two-plate mold (two-plate). Another type is called three-plate mold, referred to as three-plate mold (three-plate). The two-plate mold can also be called a large nozzle, and the three-plate mold can also be called a small nozzle. Depending on the ease of processing the product and the mold, there are different styles in different standard mold base categories.

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