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How to choose the right mold steel?
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How to choose the right mold steel?

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Mold steel is used to manufacture cold stamping die, hot forging die, die casting die and other die steel. Mold is the main processing tool for manufacturing parts in mechanical manufacturing, radio instruments, motors, electrical appliances and other industrial departments. The quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the pressure processing process, the precision of the product, the output and the production cost. The quality and service life of the mold are mainly affected by the mold material and heat treatment, in addition to the reasonable structural design and processing accuracy.

  • What is the wear resistance of mold steel?

  • How to choose the right mold steel?

  • What are the classifications of mold steel?

What is the wear resistance of mold steel?

The wear resistance of the mold material is often decisive for the service life of mold steel. The mold is subjected to significant compressive stresses and friction during work, which requires the mold to maintain its dimensional accuracy under heavy friction. The wear of mold steel mainly includes three types: mechanical wear, oxidation wear and melt wear. To improve the wear resistance of die steel, it is necessary not only to maintain the high hardness of the die steel, but also to ensure that the composition, morphology and distribution of carbides or other hardening phases in the steel are appropriate. For molds used under heavy load and high speed wear conditions, it is necessary that the surface of the mold steel form a thin and dense oxide film with good adhesion, maintain lubrication and reduce melt wear such as bonding and welding between the mold and workpiece. It can reduce the oxidative wear caused by the oxidation of the mold surface. Therefore, the working conditions of the mold have a great influence on the wear of the steel.

How to choose the right mold steel?

When choosing the die steel, the versatility of the die steel and the steel price must be taken into account in addition to the service and process performance. The amount of die steel is generally not large. To facilitate material preparation, the versatility of steel should be taken into account as much as possible, and the mass-produced general purpose die steel should be used as much as possible to facilitate procurement, material preparation and material management. In addition, a comprehensive analysis from an economic point of view must be carried out, taking into account the manufacturing cost of the mold, the production batch of the workpiece and the molding costs associated with each workpiece. Comprehensive analysis from technical and economic aspects to finally select a sensible molding material.

What are the classifications of mold steel?

The die steel can be roughly divided into three categories: hot forged die steel, hot rolled die steel and plastic die steel, used for forging, punching, cutting, die casting, etc. use. Due to the different use of different molds and complex working conditions, the steel used for molds should have high hardness, strength, wear resistance, sufficient toughness and high hardenability, and deter according to the working conditions of the mold. Hardness and other process properties.

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