The eighth Global Exchange Conference on the application of mold materials

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In November 28, 2017, the eighth Global Conference on mold materials and accessories applications and high quality hot die materials, accessories, metal heat treatment and surface treatment application conference was held in the conference hall of the two floor of 3A hall, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan.

Guangdong Beizhong Special Steel Co., the company over the years for the meeting as one of Shenzhen City Association of academic activities, a series of activities for the Shenzhen Hong Kong Association of science and technology alliance series of activities, the Chinese Mould Industry Association, Hongkong Foundry Association, Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Association, Shenzhen Institute of Technology, Chinese die mould industry association, the National Committee of standard mold mold standard technical committee, China Die Casting Mould Industry Association Committee, high-quality special steel metallurgy and preparation of State Key Laboratory of machine production, mold manufacturing engineering branch of Specialized Committee, national mold product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong), Chinese special steel enterprises Association of Hong Kong, association of science and technology alliance, Chifu exhibition company (Hongkong), Guangdong Bo steel support union Co. Ltd. and Provincial mold industry organization. "The launch China mold materials and parts", Guangdong Beizhong special steel company also paid our strength for the industry, deputy general manager of the company Mr. Chen Shikun as "Chinese mold materials and parts" journals Editorial Committee, for the purpose of editing contribution.

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